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Children’s Anti-Littering PSA

Captivating and holding the attention of today's youth is easier said than done. Nominated for several awards, our K-12 video anti-littering video revamped a classic New Jersey Duo that have been teaching kids to keep the streets clean since the 80's.

About the Project

Brief description:


This is an anti-littering video aimed at children. It follows the adventures of two young heroes who go on a journey discovering where garbage comes from and what we can do about it.


The problem:


This wasn’t your usual explainer video. It required more preparation due to the amount of story-telling required. Here creating characters, plot, an arc, resolutions, a lot more brainstorming had to be done upfront to get it all done.

Our approach: 


We borrowed a lot from traditional production workflows on this project. It was more like creating a segment of a show instead of motion graphics style video. The best part, of course, was the purpose behind the video – one of our favorites for sure!


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